You likely have questions about current market events and economic challenges. In the videos below, watch Ric Edelman address some of the questions you and many of our other clients have been asking our financial planners. These questions range from general topics like the economy and investing, to specific subjects such as reaching retirement and how Edelman Financial Engines can help you now and in the future.

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Navigating the impact of COVID-19 may feel daunting to you right now.

How Long Will This Last?

Your Most Important Questions Answered by Ric Edelman

What is Edelman Financial Engines Doing for Us?

Are We in a Recession?

How Far Can the Markets Fall?

What Can I Do Right Now?

Should I Get Out of the Market Until This Calms Down?

Do I Have Too Much Foreign Stock Exposure?

What Is Happening to Bonds?

Will This Change Edelman Financial Engines' Investment Strategy for the Future?

Should I Still Take Distributions Right Now?

How Do Retirees Catch Up After Suffering Losses?

Should I Delay My Retirement?